30 August 2010

Return to Houghton College!

I'm here!!!!!

I really could end the post there, and you would theoretically know that I had safely arrived on the Houghton campus, settled in, had at least one class, eaten in the dining hall at least once, seen at least one person I knew, and once again considered myself to be living at Houghton. All of the above is true, and so much more! It is so good to be back :) That is not to say that I don't miss my family; I do. But gchat just came out with this wonderful new invention that allows me to talk to them for free, which is a plus. Also, I just saw my mom, sister, and two of my friends from home yesterday. So, at the moment, I am perfectly content with Houghton.

In addition, I was reminded by sitting in on my first class (Biblical Greek) how much I love college! I know it might be very easy to say on the first day of classes, but as I recall from last year even when the semester was nearly over I was ready for a break, but still really liked school. Life is good. Life comes from God. God is good.

I will close with a quote I received from a girl I met yesterday. (I have really enjoyed meeting freshmen and seeing a whole new 'generation' of people coming in!)

"Ask yourself not what the world needs, but what makes you come alive. For what the world needs is people who have come alive."