15 April 2012

Misty Edwards

Have to say, this is one of my favorite songs ever - I may have posted it before, I don't remember, but if I did it was a couple years ago and so I'll post it again!

01 April 2012


As some of you likely know, I am currently on college choir tour. [Should you be interested in listening to the music we're singing, here are some good recordings: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3EF909B92D030E6C&feature=g-all-a {it's our playlist}.] However, the piece I want to share tonight is not choral music at all, but Canadian Brass. This rather amazing group came to Houghton just a couple weeks ago, and I love this recording so much!
I have been keeping records of the different places we're going and plan to post a bit about the trip when it's over, but for right now I won't spoil the adventure :p Enjoy the music!