26 September 2010

and my crazy amazing life goes on ...

Wow, this has been an absolutely insane semester.

*runs off to do homework, yelling over shoulder for blogger to publish*

Things I have learned:

When you sigh, make it brief.
Eat quickly.
Sleep fast.
Power walk.
Practice instruments on adrenaline.
Speed read.
Be concise in conversation.
Abbreviate notes.
Relax ... um ... no, don't relax.

Okay, so that might be a bit overdone. However, the intensity of taking 18 credits, lab, philharmonia, and working 12 hours a week did catch me a bit off guard. I have learned a lot about scheduling my time, finding joy in small moments, peace in the midst of stress, and much appreciation for friends who support me! My God is sufficient, autumn is a beautiful season, and the Houghton community is an amazing thing to be a part of. As my circumstances change and I experience new phases of life, I realize more and more just how blessed I am.

This song has been a good reminder to me of the reason I live. I hope it brings you peace and reminds you of the purpose of life, just as it does me.