31 March 2014

It never rains, but pours...

Hello everyone,

It seems about time for an update on life, and enough has happened lately that a blog post is the most reasonable way to do that! 

1) I'M ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!

The man formerly known as my boyfriend is now my fiance!! He came up on Valentine's Day and proposed, and now we are working on all the fun details like setting a date and planning a wedding. But, the important part is settled: we're getting married!

2) I'm moving!

Anyone who thinks they're putting two and two together and imagining that this one has something to do with the first, congratulations! you're right. While I was down in Pennsylvania last week I received a job offer, and everything came together really fast. I'll be moving soon to start working full time doing paperwork/computer work--my kind of job! I am quite excited at the idea of standard hours and full time work, something that was rather elusive in my past summer jobs. The other way this is not like a summer job is that...well, it's not a summer job. The idea of a job lasting longer than three or four months is very nice. 

3) I have a new phone number

Going along with the whole moving to a new area code and all that, I now have one of those schmantzy smart phones that almost certainly is smarter than I am...this means new phone number. I will be attempting to pass along the contact information in order to make the transition smoothly, but as a public service announcement, please know that my former phone number is no longer mine and I cannot guarantee what might happen if you call/text it. 

4) I am still a student

This is in no way new news, but I realized not too long ago that some people might not realize the fact. Since September, I have been taking online classes to become a court reporter. The schedule is flexible, and I should be done in a year or two (depending largely on how busy the rest of life is, which at this point is quite crazy). 

I think that's it for now, folks...it's a crazy amazing life, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Soli Deo Gloria. 

05 March 2014

Winter fun

I saw this test online to see how fast you read, and thought it rather fun...so here it is, in case anyone else wants to try it!

Click here for Speed Reading Test  

07 January 2014

Der Erlkönig

Anyone else familiar with this piece? Worth a listen, if you like outstanding piano music...