27 October 2013

The post all about Love

I don't know who wrote this, because I saw it on facebook and the person who posted it said they got it from another friend...etc.... But I thought it was full of truth and a challenge to courage, and so am sharing it here for your benefit. 


Do we ever stop to think what we are doing when we decide to love? Love (take it in any sense you like, you can have your pick of the Greek) is an act of supreme hazard - some might call it a kind of violence. There are, of course, differences in degree - the husband loves his wife with stronger ardor than one friend loves another - but the activity of the heart in both instances is of a piece. In some way, some glorious, terrible way beyond our puny mortal comprehension, one heart is bound to another. These very bonds which bring so much joy introduce the possibility of pain, as the very capacity to feel brings with it the potential for both pleasure and agony. The bonds themselves are tainted by the filth of our hearts, as sin corrodes the psyche, clouding both judgment and emotion. Yet the very fact that we are able to love at all is a miracle, a grace we should have no reason to expect from the Creator we rebelled against.


Love itself is a kind of rebellion, an inclination of the soul which openly defies the power of darkness and its clamoring hatred. The prince of darkness may still corrupt our love into a horror, a mere carnal desire or superficial attachment. Yet when we love truly, with simple, honest devotion, we spite the enemy, moving - even if only by a fraction - toward the nature which we were intended to have, toward a vision of the Kingdom to come, toward the image of He who made it possible.

Love should not be an insipid, mewling little thing which we dress in the palest, least offensive colors and stoop to pet when it suits us. This is not love, but an abomination masquerading as virtue in a world where virtue has no meaning.

Love is not harmless. Love is dangerous. Yet it is worthwhile, only insofar as it flows from the One who burns white-hot at the center of reality, Love Himself, the One who sacrificed His Son, who hung on the cross in agony, having done no wrong, that we might be truly loved.

Brothers and sisters, let's not proclaim our love - for each other and for the world - with platitudinous whispers and mutterings. Let's declare our intent to love with one voice, roaring to the heavens. Love is our battle cry, and our commander, and our prize. Let us take love as seriously as He did.

[any leads as to the author would be appreciated and credit duly posted here]

22 October 2013

Piano Guys!!

For anyone who knows me, you probably already know that the Piano Guys are my favorite music band, hands down, no question. So I am sharing this on my blog as a vote for them to win a youtube award, just because.

And since you get hardly any of their amazing music in this video that has to be shared in order to vote for them, here is the real video with the amazing music which is the actual reason why I vote for them. Elizabeth and I saw this performed live in Buffalo when we went to the concert last week!! It is a combination of Faure's "Pavane" and David Guetta's "Titanium".

That's not even my favorite, though. I have not been able to choose an actual favorite, so here are a few of the ones I listen to most. [If anyone is not familiar with the Piano Guys, I highly recommend listening to these, or going to their youtube channel and watching anything.] All three of these were also played at the concert last week, and I can truly say that they are even more amazing to see in person! (How is that possible...)
 this is a mashup of the Bourne Identity soundtrack and the Vivaldi Double Cello Concerto
an African version of the Coldplay song "Paradise"--Peponi
and last in order of production but certainly not in awesomeness, the brand-new "Kung Fu Piano", which is a mixture of the soundtrack from Kung Fu Panda with Chopin-style piano and filmed on the Great Wall of China.

Hope you enjoy!! I am posting this as a vote for the youtube competition, but I suppose passing around some of the best music I know makes for a not-too-shabby blog post, too, and I am sorely lacking in those ;)