21 August 2013

Only @ Chautauqua...

As some of you know, I have been working at Chautauqua Institution this summer. While here, I have encountered a number of interesting situations. Here are a few of the more amusing ones, for your enjoyment:

"I put an extra shot [of espresso] in [my coffee]. We just had a scintillating game of shuffleboard." -Julie D.
*bonus points if you can both define scintillating and describe how to play shuffleboard!*

"Well, the instructions are wrong, because you dial 9, and nothing happens, and you stand there swearing at the phone." - exasperated gentleman calling from room

"Here's a chuckle for you--I was so excited to get here, I left all my clothes in the car...well that's okay I'll just wear this again tomorrow." - excited guest

"Can I have the in-house count?" - co-worker
"How badly do you want it?" - me, teasing
"How badly do you not want to be thrown up on?" - co-worker
-_- .... wow, that escalated fast!

"Do you even know what that means? Clearly you didn't grow up in New York City. What are you, 17? 18? Am I embarrassing you yet? You need to get an education." *waves cane in my face* - compliments of room 70...

"I'm about to have a baby!" - exasperated [male] co-worker

"I'm sorry, I may be a bit thick, but where is the place where you type in the web address?" - elderly gentleman using computer in the lobby

"Don't get fresh with me, young lady! I'm telling a story!" - room 32

And for a final chuckle, a picture that amuses me every time I come in for a 7am shift:

hope you gained a laugh or two from my summer job! cheers! :)


  1. Well, those are some unique ones. I haven't had any of those. (except the male co-worker saying he is having a baby. Que my sarcastic remark about his wife having the baby.)

    Sounds like a rousing place! :)

  2. I feel like a homeschool failure cause I can't definitely define scintillating and I have no clue whatsoever how to play shuffleboard (I feel like it's something like, every day I'm shuffling...on a board...). It was great hanging out with you this evening!

    1. definition of scintillating, according to the dictionary, is "animated; vivacious; effervescent". And shuffleboard is a game where you slide disks across a board. (I don't know of anything inherently homeschool-ish about it, so no worries.) :) It was great to see you, too!!